One of the hardest things to do it determine whether or not a home is abandoned.

There are so many tell-tale signs of life, that it will forever outweigh abandonment. Is the grass well kept? Are windows and entry points intact? Paint peeling? You’d be surprised to find out that these signs of abandonment could mislead you, for we have seen run down homes still being occupied. We have seen homes missing roofs, absolutely no windows, and beat down with people still living inside.. too afraid to let go.


After our encounter with the College Street Hell House, we had anticipated ending the day with another house that was a little less nerve wracking.

Nothing ever goes as planned.


After some finesse and skill, we made our way inside. Now, I am clearly a city girl and country houses confuse me for sure, so I ask.. why was there an outside door leading into the bathroom?


Aside from the very little light peering in through the window, this room was so unbelievably dark and spooky. Along with the rest of the house.


You can tell that no one has lived here in a long time, but it also looked like whoever left… hung things up to block the windows, locked the doors, and just took off.


The air is heavy, and the floor begins to cave. From every which corner of the room, a spider web was woven so thick you could knit a really gross sweater.


The kitchen cabinets are still wide open and stocked with cooking necessities, who could just leave that behind?!


When I say the floor begins to cave, I mean it. At one point when I was in the other room, I hear my husband yell and when I ask what happened he responds with
“I don’t think this place is safe.”
Come to find out he only got startled because he walked into a spider web. How foolish of me to have believed he could have fallen or perhaps put his foot through the ground?


Onto my favorite room of this house, the living quarters. I guess when I stepped into this room I truly felt what it was like to live a country life. From where I stood to take this picture, you could hear every critter in the woods chatting it up and the cows mooing down the hill. Something about it leads me to believe this is a comfortable life to live, relaxing at that.


Again with the old school TV’s that will forever freak me out…


This house gave me the creeps, but nothing will ever top the College St. house. Nothing. Country homes are so interesting, to find lost belongings and simplistic lifestyles.. it knocks you back a little bit.

“We have about 10 minutes in here before we have to leave.”

Sometimes putting yourself in dangerous situations is what keeps you alive inside.