Everyone in the urbex community has their favorite type of abandonment, mine just so happens to be schools. Right next to Cooley High School in Detroit, this school blew me away. As much as I would like to give the locations real name away, I have made a promise not to, I would also love to thank the fellow explorer who showed us this building! (You know who you are!)

IMG_7792 2

Something about finding high school relics and memories really makes my heart happy and my curiosity sky rocket.

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As you enter, the first room you encounter is the gymnasium, wooden floors still intact. The bell still sits patiently inside its cover and the clocks are stopped, boxes are stacked height high in every which corner.

IMG_7794 2

Across the hall, a lonely room stands very well preserved. Was it a nurse office or was this the principles? We stood there for a good half hour trying to figure it out, only thing we found was a package of crackers in the drawer.

IMG_7796 2

Hallway panels fall to the ground, the ceiling crumbles and the floor tiles curl.

IMG_7799 2

Information boards still up, clouded classroom doors still propped open.

IMG_7807 2

As the sun falls, the ambiance shifts. The light reflecting off of the school walls in the courtyard gives off a orange-ish-yellow hue, lighting up our paths.

IMG_7810 2

We stood on the stage and looked into the non-existent crowd once more. Boxes upon boxes of paperwork and miscellaneous papers cluttered the floor and the stage. Much like a storage facility.

IMG_7815 2

Now this is something you dont see too often, classrooms still intact. WHATTTT. Chalkboards still up, books still in cabinets, writing still on the chalkboards. Absolutely beautiful.


Very minimal graffiti covers the premises, thankfully.

IMG_7822 2

This room was my favorite. If you know me in real life, you know how video savvy I am.
This room is an abandoned film room, and this just adds to one of the many reasons I LOVE schools. Old film projects were safely secured in film cases and cabinets, names/ ages/ class numbers were labeled on little slips inside film pouches. It was such a treat for a videographer to find.

IMG_7802 2

The most eerie part of this story, is the writing still left on the chalkboards.

IMG_7825 2

Names, dates and assignments were neatly written from end to end, and of course I added my website to one board. Gotta get your name out there somehow!

IMG_7827 2

I wish I had more photos of this building to show you, but I guess we’ll have to wait until my next visit to the North. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think about this explore/ post. If you have local abandonment, feel free to email me or leave a comment…

For all whom don’t know, I just moved to the south and am still looking to venture.
Lets discuss the south!
xoxo Planet Perish