Previously stated in my last post, I am now introducing photo-sets from random explores that came up with little to no information. I would rather share these photos than have them live in folders without a story, plus… I’ve been told before that my stories don’t get read fully, but are more for the visual experience.

So here we have it, Planet Perishes’ first post after implementing this new addition.

While in New York a few weeks ago, we were very lucky to have had a local explorer escort us through a few of her favorite buildings.

One of the first buildings she took us to was this monastery in the outskirts of the city, this was by far one of my favorite explores… ever. This building gave off one of the most eerie yet humble feelings, much like I’ve been here before. The light came through the windows in such a way that it made everything you saw look like a painting. A camera will never do this building its justice.

There is currently no information on the building, or even a name, but if I find anything I will be more than willing to let everyone know. Enjoy, let me know what you think.




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