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Western New York. Monastery (Nunnery)

Previously stated in my last post, I am now introducing photo-sets from random explores that came up with little to no information. I would rather share these photos than have them live in folders without a story, plus… I’ve been told before that my stories don’t get read fully, but are more for the visual experience.

So here we have it, Planet Perishes’ first post after implementing this new addition.

While in New York a few weeks ago, we were very lucky to have had a local explorer escort us through a few of her favorite buildings.

One of the first buildings she took us to was this monastery in the outskirts of the city, this was by far one of my favorite explores… ever. This building gave off one of the most eerie yet humble feelings, much like I’ve been here before. The light came through the windows in such a way that it made everything you saw look like a painting. A camera will never do this building its justice.

There is currently no information on the building, or even a name, but if I find anything I will be more than willing to let everyone know. Enjoy, let me know what you think.




IMG_7695 2

IMG_7697 2

IMG_7702 2

IMG_7707 2

IMG_7712 2



IMG_7721 2

IMG_7723 2



IMG_7745 2

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IMG_7752 2


IMG_7757 2


Due to the lack of information on buildings we have been visiting lately, or the lack of names on said buildings.. I will now be posting photo-sets with personal experiences along with as much information as I have. I am now introducing this to Planet Perish because I have noticed my desktop folders piling up with awesome photos… WITH NO STORIES! Instead of leaving these great photos in folders, why not share them even if they have no history? I hope this new addition will go over well with all of the fans of this website, if not.. we will reevaluate in a few weeks.

Thank you for understanding,
Chellsea x Planet Perish

Rayco Factory

There is a story to be told.
We will find it.

Willson Elementary (Follow up)

In my most recent post, I had shared with you my thoughts and feelings about a Cleveland school called Willson. I am not new to drawing attention to historic sites and inevitably getting them boarded up, but this goes to show how much of an impact Planet Perish has on the urbex community. I am not sure whether to thank everyone for paying attention to my ridiculous antics, or whether to sob at the fact that I got this building locked down. One way or the other, Willson will NEVER die.

Here is a photo I took of Willson about 3 hours ago.

IMG_8676 2

Willson Elementary School. Cleveland, Ohio.

IMG_2263 2

Welcome to this weeks post regarding our friendly neighborhood elementary school, Willson.

IMG_8338 2

Built in 1903 by architect Frank S. Barnum, this K-8 Cleveland historic landmark got it’s name due to the street it faced (Willson) before the street itself was renamed in 1905.

IMG_8330 2

May 5th 2010, Cleveland Metropolitan School District announces that 25 schools will be closed, 5 will be rebuilt and the remaining 20 will be sold, with the exception of Woodhill Quincy Admin Building. Being a resident of Cleveland, Ohio my entire life… it was hard to watch these buildings go. I lived on W. 41st since birth, and watched Orchard Elementary come, go, and come back once more.

IMG_8329 2

Although I live a little far from Willson, I am writing this post solely for the fact of accomplishment and slight bitter feelings. How you ask? I went to the school 4 days ago to take more photos and look for USA maps, only to find that Willson has been boarded up and sealed shut as of yesterday. I cant say this is the first building I’ve cursed with getting sealed, but I know it wont be the last. I am just happy to have had one last hurrah in these lonesome hallways.

IMG_2244 2

Five years of neglect has taken its toll on these withered floorboards and empty rooms, but we will forever remember this building in its entirety.


I suppose it is best for the building and neighbors that it be sealed, seeing as how this has become a common ground for vandals and graffiti artists and has recently been destroyed in separate rooms.


The neighbors may now sleep in peace without the constant sound of breaking glass and bowling pins being smashed around.

IMG_2155 2

During my most recent trip to Willson, bowling pins were smashed against the walls, broken into pieces. Maps and chalkboards were ripped apart and smashed off of the walls. It is really saddening that vandals have to destroy things to have “fun.”

IMG_2205 2

I think the saddest part about this closure is the fact that our old Cleveland friend who painted “Perch” will forever be locked behind these boards until the building comes down. Our graffiti friend, “Perch” lost his life a few years ago, and whenever a piece of his is found we have a habit of posting them to show our respect.


This is a closure that truly hits close to home.

IMG_2192 2

Between the hundreds of photos people have to share and the handful of music videos filmed in this auditorium, it will be hard to stay away.

IMG_2162 2

Here is to hoping Cleveland does it’s part to help rebuild and revitalize this structure into something the community can be apart of once more.

IMG_2159 2

As with any explore, I add caution. Aside from being boarded recently (if you are not phased by this) the ceilings are crumbling very rapidly on the upper floors. The roof is actually really well preserved given the circumstances, but the drop ceilings have had their fun. Hallways are littered with rain water/ice depending the weather, and broken glass. There is mold and beginning stages of asbestos as well.

Goodbye Willson and Perch.
You both will forever be remembered.

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