Atop a hill in Mt. Vernon Ohio, sits a structure so eerie, so massive, so mesmerizing. 132 acres of land occupied by a 400,000 square foot gothic style structure that still sits today, crumbling piece by piece.


Back in 1816, a legislative act was passed to aid in purchasing land to build houses and shelter for the destitute. A poor house if you will. With a little under 100 rooms and 4 floors, these once jam-packed halls peel away from themselves and the floors sink further and further with each passing day.


Originally built in 1875, the Knox County Poor House gave aid to those whom couldn’t help themselves. Majority of this building accommodated the elderly and with a few years passing, homelessness was at an astounding rate that lead to the expansion of the housing facilities.


Too many homeless in the poor house, not enough staff to go around, do you see where this becomes problematic? Although no more room was available to house the needy, talk of expansion finally came to light and was stopped abruptly in Sept. 1877 during construction.

The floors that sank kept on sinking, inevitably leading to collapse of many main floors. Not pictured is a collapsed floor with a lonely dresser still clinging on for dear life, needless to say we have been asked to push it down so it will not cause injury to anyone on the site.


Shortly after the poor house mission, the building was converted into an infirmary which was later closed in 1958 due to structural damage.

Opening any door will lead you to your death. One-step death fall.


After the infirmary closing, Mount Vernon Bible College was opened on the property and quickly shut down. Its as if nothing was meant to last on these grounds.

Every staircase you encounter leaves your chest heavy. They rust, they crack, they break. So brittle and thin, and the absence of railings doesn’t help that slight nauseous feeling you get mid climb.


For one last hurrah, a haunted house called “The House of Nightmares” opened in the late 1990’s and lasted until 2007 when structural damage became too dangerous and apparent.


Haunted house flyers and creepy props still litter the hallways, and have even settled among the debris in the death pit.


Its a special feeling you get when you see the paint peeling off of walls, floors sinking and stairs collapsing that leaves you truly speechless. A feeling that leaves your mind to put back the dilapidated pieces to picture the structure in its glory days. Is it the beauty in the wonder of what once was? Or the beauty in the view of what is? I guess you would say beauty is in the eye of the viewer.


The Knox County Infirmary is a magnificent structure that will forever glow in the sunlight. Whether the building is active, or the floors collapse and the trees grow through the door frames, this is one structure that will truly leave you in awe.

As with any post I must add the dangers..

The floors sink more and more each day, bricks fall from every angle, the stairs shake and crumble under your feet, and god only knows what may happen next.