Location, location, location. Had this been followed in the making, the Sattler could be alive and flourishing today.

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In the early 1900’s Mr. John Sattler, a local business man in Buffalo, decided to further his professional career by opening a theater during the movie theater boom of 1910. Prior to doing so, Sattler had founded one of the first known department stores in the country.

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So what was the reason for the downfall of the Sattler? Was it because it was situated in a bad neighborhood? No, it all comes down to the competition between theaters throughout the boom that left this one in the dust. Being on the outskirts of the nightlife has its downfalls.

The above photo shows the original theater seats after the debut in 1914, all other seats were installed shortly before the closing.


When Sattler had decided to open this building, he had hired Henry and William Spann to build on the site of the old Casino Theater. The layout of the building was different from competitors, seeing as how the Sattler had no stage. Once able to seat 1200 people, now falls apart and stands alone.

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The year is now 1920 and John Sattler had given up his theater life and the building then became the Broadway Theater. There is little information to go by after the closure of Sattler, except for the fact that a pipe organ was installed in the time of vacancy.

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The building sat empty for a handful of decades, until the wave of church movements that passed the area. Muhammed’s Mosque 23 opened their doors in the building in 1960 and stayed until 1970 when God’s Holy Temple took over in ’70 and stayed for the next decade, lastly welcoming the Joy Temple from 1980 until the buildings closure in 1996. In the twelve years following, the building is left to collect dust and rot away. Sattler was bought in 2008, and sat until 2011 without any plans of reconstructing until recent owners head on determination.

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My group was lucky enough to have scored an appointment with the new owners, paying but a small donation fee. Owners are currently accepting donations toward the rebuild of the new theater, which you can add to at, every bit helps. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible.