First things first, welcome to the OFFICIAL Planet Perish website courtesy of Bill Finan! has recently went down and was not able to be salvaged. I will be working harder than ever to get the rest of my older stories back up but until then, I come prepared with great news. Planet Perish and Ryan of The Ancient Future have been invited to partake in the fifth annual Festival at the Falls-three day weekend in New York in June! We will have our own booth set up for meet and greets along with art for sale. When I have more information on where we will be situated, I will post accordingly. We are soooooo incredibly excited for this opportunity, seeing as how 25-30,000 people will be attending.

I also have a few items up for sale on my online store at the top right hand corner of my page, if anyone is interested.

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in my work, along with my group’s work over the past year, and I am so humbled to find people have been paying attention to my blog and now website.

xoxo – Chellsea of Planet Perish.