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Fredericksburg Renaissance Faire

Roughly 60 miles away from our nations capitol, a mysterious sight is left to face the weather and the wild that has marked its territory. Amidst the “Sherwood Forest” as locals like to refer it as, lies the property once owned by the mother of our long departed leader, Mr. George Washington. Originally bought by the Renaissance Entertainment Corporation, the land was constructed to resemble that of a medieval fair ground, and after a short 3 years (1996-1999) about $5 million dollars were poured into this project and left for the earth to reclaim. Not only did the ticket sales suck, but as did the location for the park. The last known owners of the park had purchased the land for approximately $1.3 million dollars, and it is currently for sale after owners filed bankruptcy.

After a long morning making our way into some of Virginia’s finest abandonment, we figured we’d make our way to the Faire since we had already come this far… being from Ohio and all. Parking our car in the middle of the woods, praying to everything we wouldn’t get stuck or shot at, I say this because the park is so conveniently located on the outskirts of a VERY active hunting ground. Our entry consisted of a blanket of burrs, thorny branches being smacked in all of our faces, and very apparent gun shots in the distance. I guess you deserve these things when you break the rules, BUT WE DID IT FOR THE ART!

After our encounter with the elements, we find ourselves casually and quietly strolling down an open path leading to the side of the park where OF COURSE theres a car sitting next to one of the dilapidated structures, facing away from us, waiting for something cool to happen. We seem to always find ourselves in the presence of security guards who never notice we’re there until we’re gone. While keeping our voices low, and our footsteps quiet, we stumble across the heart of the land. More than a dozen buildings still sit, rotting away and being swallowed by the forest.

The castle like structures are very apparent in the bigger buildings, making you feel like you truly took a step back into time. This medieval-like set of structures give off a very calm aura, a very peaceful place to spend an afternoon for sure.

Although the park was structured to resemble that of the renaissance era, you can really get a sense of authenticity from the accuracy from the construction of each building. By using stones as outer decor, alongside tall towers, pyramid caps for roofing and criss-cross reinforcement, you begin to feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale.

Along the backside of the park, a massive building stands which was once used as a concession stand / restroom / recreation center. Tables and benches still remain inside, although the rest of the building was gutted and the top floor had collapsed.

Vines wrap around many of the buildings, subtly disguising them in the forrest. I guess if no one wants to spend the money to buy the land, then mother nature will reclaim it for free. How ’bout them apples.

By far my favorite sight of this visit has to be the docked pirate ship. Its not everyday you find a ship in the middle of the forest but ther’es a first for everything! The land side of the ship is actually attached to the grounds and was constructed to be something like a stage for performances during the parks glory days.

We were very lucky to have successfully made this trip possible, but you know I have to give out fair warnings! If you so plan to visit this park, like I previously stated… it is on active hunting grounds and they are more than allowed to shoot on their property. Along with being sketchy already, there are multitudes of no trespassing signs that will make it VERY hard to get yourself out of trouble. Finally, to top off this sketch fest, as also previously stated, the land is riddled with brutal thorn bushes, burrs as far as the eye can see, and hostile creatures such as ticks, mosquitoes, WILD TURKEY, and god only knows what else. If you are brave enough, I wish you the best of luck and suggest you wear a bright color, bugspray, long pants and boots and have fun!

Planet Perish: Virginia Madness

Planet Perish: Virginia Madness

A weekend in Virginia packed full with adventures from Western State Asylum/ Prison, Abandoned Fredricksburg Renaissance Faire, and Virginia Torture House. More information on these stories will be posted throughout the week and you can also read about them at More photos at IG: planetperish, facebook: Danny Ohh Photo, IG: the_ancient_future. Stay tuned for more explores, if you’ve got local abandonment, let us know!

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