As promised, these next few posts from this southern series will be equipped with our personal stories, the buildings backgrounds and everything in between. My group and I specially traveled from Northern Ohio to the dirty south in order to gain this content, so buckle up and enjoy! Downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, a graveyard for once flourishing businesses and homes. Within our first few hours of being in LA, we stumbled upon an abandoned Days Inn Motel, once flooded with guests, now filled with dust and wasps. Thanks to Hurricane Katrina, whom I’ll address more in a later post, this motel was flooded, and left to dry along with majority of the city.

When you first enter this building, you’re faced with a dilapidated hallway that you can tell once was beautiful, open doors and an “all natural disaster” flooring.

Abandoned help desk, last saw a tenant about a decade ago.

Forgotten kitchen, untouched since 2005. Still perfectly place and tiled. Once serving up some southern comfort food, now serving a healthy dose of curiosity for the local explorers.

Ceiling tiles stacked from floor to ceiling. Floor covered with old box springs and mattresses. A very weird sight, but gold for our exploring group.

Lazy boy chairs and love seats line the halls, waiting patiently to experience the warmth of human interaction again.

Floors full of rooms flipped up side down, Katrina tossed and turned the entire building… What was she looking for?!

More tossing.

More turning.

The paint peels from the walls and doors, trying their hardest to find their way out as well.

The cleaning floor- washers, dryers, sinks and closets left ransacked by the force of mother nature, i must say this was a reality check for sure. Although lucky to have never experienced a hurricane, due to the fact we live in northern Ohio, this definitely hit home. The weather here is gorgeous, and I’m sure this was paradise prior to flooring.

From atop the building, the skyline paved in lights, palm trees and more abando’s…. This is merely the beginning of this southern saga. Stay tuned for more stories, and our biggest accomplishment yet. Louisiana has been good to us, even with a 15 hour drive, a car crash, narrowly escaping death and escaping federal trespassing charges. We did good, and we hope you stay interested. There will be a video of the trips documentation soon. xoxo