Campbell city post office, right outside of Youngstown, although not much information was shed.. a beautiful sight. Turning onto this street to re-route our explore plan, we hit a gold mine! Not one, but TWO abandoned bars, an abandoned apartment (we believe) and this abandoned post office. Awesome. Wondering how we were going to get inside, of course… the front door is open. Even though, there is no back story to this building, just look at how strange it is…. everything left behind!

First entering the building, you’re forced to go either left or right, deterring you from a lonesome information wall.. you are then in the front room of the post office. Sifting through the clutter, you arrive at this “private” door, leading you into the main postal part of the office.

Behind said door, clutter.. as far as the eye can see… well at least until the back door.


In the back left hand corner, postal slots left empty, exactly what you’d expect to find here.

In the back of the building, the back door, still equipped with an exit sign. The doors are chained, but the windows busted. We venture into the back yard of the building, only to find 4 cars… which i have no photos for.

Inside the building, a forgotten bathroom bears odd gifts for us explorers. A ladder next to the toilet led us up to a weird loft that had a hidden room off of it. No windows. No light fixtures. Such a weird thing.

And in the basement, forgotten lockers, equipment, cleaning supplies, boiler room. Its as if the city uses this post office as a storage facility now a days.


Aside from having no information on this building, i still find it pretty awesome how everything was left behind so abruptly. I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you didn’t, stay tuned…. Next weeks post will fuel your desire for explore. We have something extreme under our sleeves. Shout out to Jacob Bacon for the photo of me on the ladder. Until the next post, xoxo.