The Silverdome Stadium, once home to the Detroit Lions, the Michigan Panthers, the Detroit Express, etc.. a building capable of seating 80,311 with 102 suites and 7,384 club seats ties this magnificent structure together. The finished building opened as the Pontiac Metropolitan Stadium in 1975 after $55.7 million dollars were poured into it with an original teflon fiberglass roof that suffered damage ten years after opened, leading to a replacement canvas roof reinforced with steel wires. After a series of storms and extreme weather changes, enough air pressure was left in the building to keep it held high for 25 years; from 1985-2013. After the Lions left the building, the city realized their finances were collapsing, thus leading to an auction for the building in 2009. Today, you can still find auction cards scattered in the hallways but what sucks the most is that… this building constructed for $55.7 million dollars, was sold for a bid of $583,000. April 17th, the Silverdome reopens for a night for a monster truck rally, 2010 and 2011 held some surprises for the building as well, but due to the collapse of the iconic Silver-Dome roof, the building has been left in shambles, metal wires coming down with such force that seats were cut like butter…. steel railings snapped in half, concrete steps left in two pieces. March of 2014, building owners announce the auction of building pieces such as seats, fixtures, scraps, etc. The end of this historical piece as we know it…. or is it? After our recent trip to the building, Detroit local news picked up our footage as you can see here, son of the building owner states that change is coming.

80,000+ seats left to suffer all the seasons, and endure the abuse from the elements, including scrappers and demolition.


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Panels from the computer room still sits, nothing left but a skeleton of what once was.



Moss grows on the ground to replace the carpets, how thoughtful, mother nature.

LED boards broken, damaged and open to the elements. An awesome sight for tech savvy people.

And last but not least, an empty restaurant booth, awaiting another meal with another local… abandoned. This is an incredible building for explorers, although i have not been back since our news cast.. I’ve heard the security may be upped. Enter at your own risk, and don’t disrespect this beauty! The Silverdome is STILL owned, although abandoned… beware of workers there whom are taking the south side of the building apart. Have fun, safe exploring.