Ottawa Valley Hospital, more commonly known as the Lima Tuberculosis Hospital, today stands hidden behind a wall of trees and local homes. Opened in 1911, only with enough room for 24 patients, was later upgraded to a facility capable of housing 138 patients at a time. Bloody coughs, chronic coughing, fevers, sweating and extreme weight loss are all signs of the dreaded airborne disease we all know and hate – Tuberculosis, which would land you a room in this historical treatment facility. By 1960, around 5000 patients had received their treatment here, which by the way; required three to five years of care. During a five month span in 1917, the Board of Health recorded 18 deaths due to tuberculosis. 1970 marks the last year the hospitals doors were open, now no doors or windows remain. Open to the elements, every wall in the building is chipping paint, the floors are broken and littered, and atop the building, a lonely tree grows on a desolate rooftop.



The building remains but a skeleton from the past. No windows, no doors.

An old surgical room stands, the emptiest its ever been.

Metal lockers rust to the point that they resemble wood.


Floors collapse and take their memories with them, left to sit in a pile of rubble until the building is demolished. This building is as incredible as you believe it is. The aura makes it such a tough place to leave. Although easy for my group and I to access, I would STRONGLY consider your decision to enter, since the building is surrounded by a neighborhood, and actively swept through. Along with trespassing danger, i would also recommend being EXTREMELY careful due to the lack of flooring, and the dense air that could contain something sickly. If you decide to visit, BE CAREFUL and enjoy your trip, respect this building so it can be visited by future explorers. xoxo